Body Fat Percentage

Body Fat Percentage


Body Fat PercentageBody fat percentage is difficult to change. Despite our best efforts and hard work, it is really hard to reduce our body fat percentage – note it is not called weight loss, as this is an incorrect term! It is our body fat percentage we want to decrease, whilst still increasing our lean muscle mass – all of which can actually result in weight gain! Remember muscle weighs more than fat!!

Many of the current methods / approaches to health and fitness are equivalent to using 2+ sunscreen to avoid getting skin cancer – we are doing just as much damage to our system, just at a far slower rate. Proof in the fact that Obesity is now one of the biggest chronic diseases, and the fact that despite many poor results the ‘weight loss’ industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Changing Your Body Fat Percentage

There is a lot of crappy advice floating around out there to try to change body fat percentage – from restrictive diets that cut out entire food groups, to pills and potions that promise miraculous results with little to no effort. The truth is – diets don’t work!! A ‘diet’ almost always requires us to eliminate or deprive ourselves of certain food groups, and although you may see some good results initially, the long term research and results prove they do not work.
For something to become ‘low fat’, ‘sugar free’, ‘diet’ etc the ‘bad’ stuff must be removed – despite most whole food products containing energy, fat and sugar in healthy amounts. Many of the replacement ingredients are in fact worse for us than the naturally occurring products – elimination of fat leaves us less satiated and feeling hungry /deprived; artificial sweeteners increase our cravings for sweet foods and low energy leaves us feeling like we haven’t eaten anything at all and does nothing to change our body fat percentage.
Instead of focusing solely on our KJ intake, we should we looking at the quality of the food we are eating – specific types of KJ’s in food trigger production and regulation of certain fat cell hormones.

Too many refined carbs in your diet? Elevated insulin levels, leading to increased fat storage.
Low fat diet? Missing out on omega 3’s and 6’s essential for inflammatory responses
Restrictive dieting? The body goes into ‘starvation mode’ which wreaks havoc on our hormones – particularly insulin, resulting in increased sugar cravings.
Combine this with our constant stress levels, lack of sleep, and hectic work schedules and you’ve got a recipe for poor health and a body fat percentage that you don’t want.

So, what can we do?Body Fat Percentage 2

  • Get roughly 7 – 8 hours sleep a night (helps to control your Ghrelin and Leptin levels responsible for regulating appetite);
  • Manage stress in your life – exercise, spend time with friends and family and use relaxation techniques (helps to control cortisol which is consistently high promotes fat storage); and
  • Eat low GI where appropriate and possible, and include a good mix of cardio and resistance training (helps to control insulin responsible for glucose v’s fat fuel use – can lead to increased fat storage).

 So instead of trying a crash diet, try these simple tips – it might help you change your body fat percentage in the way you have always hoped.