Graduate Profile: Cameron Robinson – A Career in Personal Training in Melbourne

VFA Graduate & Personal Trainer: Cameron R

A Career in Personal Training in Melbourne

Cameron Robinson- VFA Learning- Personal Trainer Course Melbourne

Cameron Robinson- VFA Learning- Personal Trainer Course Melbourne


Cameron Robinson made the most of his time studying at VFA Learning Essendon Fields. He was recently promoted to Manager of FitXCore Sunbury and also provides personal training services at Genesis Fitness Bundoora. Cameron began his journey in January 2014 and graduated in 2015 with a host of qualifications under his belt including the Certificate IV in Fitness and the Diploma of Sports Development.


The decision to change careers isn’t something anyone makes lightly and Cameron’s story shows that anyone can completely change the direction of their life if they are willing to do what it takes. It is no surprise that Cameron is in high demand within the fitness industry and we congratulate him on his achievements.


We recently interviewed Cameron to find out what makes him tick – you can read all about his experience in his own words below:

I worked a whole bunch of different jobs for about 10 years before I realised Personal Training was the way to go. I first thought about it five or six years ago but I thought everyone would be doing it and I didn’t really know where to start. There weren’t even that many gyms around back then.

I always loved sport but I wasn’t massively into the gym, in fact, I had no idea, but I started paying attention and getting an idea about my options.


What made you choose VFA Learning?

Rob (the owner of FitXCore) went to VFA Learning which was reassuring and I loved the fact that VFA Learning had everything I needed in one place. Having the trainers, computers and gym available made for a very supportive environment and that makes all the difference when you are studying. A lot of other providers don’t have the same level of trainers and facilitates available. It’s great to have the opportunity to study through to the Diploma level in the one place.


Why would you recommend VFA Learning?

The trainers that I had at VFA were extremely highly qualified. My trainers have been able to take things way further than I was going to go. It meant I could take things as far as I wanted to. The off campus stuff is amazing too.

After being in the industry for 18 months, anyone that has asked me, I’ve said straight away forget what the course costs, you can’t compare it. Having the online access and the quality of trainers makes VFA Learning somewhere I would always recommend.

We did so much work with so many people who were experts in their field. The Diploma (of Sports Development) advances your knowledge so you are truly industry ready.


Family Life

My little boy was born nine months ago. I worked really hard knowing that he was coming so that I could take time off and enjoy his arrival. Now I can go home and visit him between 11 am and 3 pm when I’m not training. This really helps my wife too. Having the middle of the day with my little boy is amazing and it means I can give his mum a break too.

A long time ago I knew I that if I worked as a personal trainer I could work around my wife and my family. I will be able to drop my son off pick him up from school. The flexibility of personal training is a big draw card for me.


A Rewarding Career

I love it when I see someone actually get results – regardless of what it is – the excitement that my clients get out of that is priceless.

You see people that change dramatically, from being an absolute novice to being truly confident in the gym environment. You patiently break things down step by step and get to see some of those guys you spent time with come in, get started and just go for it.


Personal training changes lives, people end up with way more energy, they experience an increase in confidence and seeing people grow is awesome. A few clients have gone on to study personal training online because they work full time.

They now want to be the people that push others along. For someone to be halfway through their working life and go I would rather do something truly rewarding, that reminds me of me – it’s awesome, because I did that.


Personal Transformation

I was unmotivated at school, I wanted to go out and make money to provide for a family but early on in one of my first sessions with VFA Learning one guy asked us “what is one question you don’t want to ask yourself?” My question was “can I commit to this 100%? Can I take it as seriously as I have to and get a career out of it?” When I asked myself the answer was yes but when I thought back to the way I was when I was at school I could see my commitment wasn’t there.

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We were asked about our motivation levels early on and there was an award you could get at VFA Learning if you attended all your classes, submitted the required assessment and showed up on time every time and I said to myself, I’m going to get that award … and I did.


A long time ago that would never have been me but now I get to go to work every day and do something that I want to do. You don’t go home tired or wishing that you didn’t have to go to work the next day. I think that is how becoming a personal trainer has changed me the most. I committed to studies and now I commit to coming to work at 4am every day. Trust me, you are not going to get up at 4am if you don’t love your job.


When I worked really hard for other people I didn’t like that my hard work only benefitted them, a lot of the time you only get told when you are doing bad stuff. If you work for yourself and you don’t get results you change it or work harder.

Knowing you only get out what you put in is a great motivator and has made all the difference.


VFA Learning is now offering Certificate IV in Fitness if you are ready for a change contact VFA Learning on 1300 304 329.