Caring for Children and Babies

Caring for Children and Babies

It’s a job that most of us do as parents. We care, nurture and love our children and babies with everything we’ve got. So imagine the reward a Childcare worker gets when they are responsible for more children than their own. Karla Gumina is a trainer at VFA Learning, with the following an account of what it takes to look after children from a very early age. “Caring for Children and babies is one of the most rewarding careers possible,” says Karla, adding, “Sharing and enriching a child’s individual development is both rewarding and challenging.”

Developing Bonds Early

Karla states that “babies and children both have individual needs, however the ground-breaking 2000 study, ‘From Neurons to Neighborhoods: The Science of Early Childhood Development’, identified how crucial the attachment bond is to a child’s development. It affects aspects of how a child will develop in the following areas:

–          Mentally

–          Physically

–          Intellectually

–          Emotionally, and

–          Socially

While attachment occurs naturally as a parent or caretaker, the quality of the attachment bond varies.

Attachment Care & Children

Karla believes the study ‘emphasised to Childcare professionals the importance of providing secure attachment’, while providing an ‘environment in which infants feel safe and calm’. “This helps to ensure their brain, and nervous system, develop to their potential,” says Karla. “[It gives] children an eagerness to learn, have a healthy self-esteem and develop trust and empathy.”

Studying With VFA Learning

Karla is a part of the Certificate III of Children’s Services at VFA Learning, which incorporates study around Children’s Early Childhood Development, exploring specific needs of the individual age groups, whilst also completing a study unity on how to care, nurture and educate babies. It’s not just for the classroom, either. “During practical placement,” Karla says, “students will observe and record the development of focus children to gain a greater understanding of children’s individual needs in the specific age groups.”

Are You Childcare Career Ready?

The minimum qualification for working in the Children’s Services industry is the Certificate III in Children’s Services which equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter the children’s services sector as a Trained Assistant. The course encompasses health, education and sociological perspectives to prepare students for work in a range of environments in the child care industry. The Certificate lll in Children’s Services enables the participant to use organisational policies, procedures and individual children’s profiles to plan activities and provide care to children, facilitating their leisure and play and enabling them to achieve their developmental outcomes. Depending on the setting, workers may work under direct supervision or autonomously.

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