Student Profile: Sonia Giacalone – Working, Studying and Changing Careers – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

VFA Student Profile: Sonia G

Working, Studying and Changing Careers – Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

Early Learning & Childcare Courses

Q. What made you decide to study Early Childhood Education and Care with VFA Learning?

A. I did my Certificate IV in Disability because I wanted to work with children with special needs, and it was hard to find a job just with children, mostly it was with adults. I didn’t want to do that because my passion is with children, but when I applied for a job in a childcare centre as a support worker, they would not take me on without a certificate in early childhood – so that is why I decided to do the study.

Q. What were you doing before studying with VFA Learning?

A. I was working at the airport as a food and beverage attendant.

Q. What has been your experience of the course so far?

A. It is great, the trainer has helped us with work. It is a lot to learn but it has been very good so far.

Q. What are you doing now? Are you still studying?

A. I am studying but I have also had placement and after three weeks of placement, they actually offered me a job. So I am still studying and I am working at the same time. I am also a full-time mother, my daughter is five years old – so I study, I work and I am a mother but you can do it, achieve what you want to if you are motivated. It is never too late.

Q. Why would you recommend studying Child Care at VFA Learning?

A. I would recommend it to anyone. If you are good with computers because everything is on-line and it gives you a little bit of time for yourself. It is not a course that you have go and attend every day of every week. It gives you time to work and do whatever else you need to do, so definitely.

Q. Is there any advice you would give to someone that wants to study child care?

A. Just go ahead and do it, it’s enjoyable, you actually meet a lot of new people and if you love children, you can learn a lot from them and find out with it is like to work with them.

Q. Have you found the course to be practical to your work?

A. Yes definitely, the course has taught me a lot but believe it or not I am also teaching them (my workplace) as well. You need information (from the course) to actually go out there and work, you need to know this before you go into the workplace and (VFA Learning) teaches you all the practicals of what you need.