Graduate Profile: Chris Dangerfield- From manufacturing to Myotherapy & Fitness

VFA Graduate in Myotherapy

Graduate Profile: Chris Dangerfield

Chris Dangerfield-Myotherapy- VFA Learning

Chris Dangerfield-Myotherapy- VFA Learning

Chris Dangerfield came to the end of the line in the manufacturing industry before beginning a successful and rewarding career as owner of his own business. With a little help from VFA learning Chris now offers his clients personal training, massage therapy and myotherapy and receives rave reviews from his clients. Read on to find out more.

How did your journey with VFA Learning begin?

I was looking for a career change, I’ve worked all my life in manufacturing and as you know manufacturing is a rapidly shrinking industry in Australia. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but when the job you are doing doesn’t bring you satisfaction it doesn’t matter how much you get paid, it’s not going to get better. I felt that fitness and massage would provide a very satisfying career as it gives you an opportunity to help people. This element was missing in the other careers I’ve had. I knew I needed to retrain to work in massage so I tried VFA Learning and it turned out that I made the right choice. I live locally so that was a bonus too.

I began studying with VFA learning in 2013. Since then I have completed Certificate III and Certificate IV in Fitness, Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice, Diploma of Remedial Massage and this year I completed the Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy.

How did you make your career change?

I’m older, I’m not your standard 20 year old looking for something to do, I’m in my 50’s now so I wanted to make sure that I would be able to work in a job where I can look after myself.  A career change at 50 is not easy to do but with some help from VFA Learning I am now able to run my own business (Working Muscles Fitness and Massage).  The muscles that work are the muscles that get sore and through fitness and massage I am able to support my clients to keep working.

I started my business about a year ago and I specialise in rehabilitation. My clients generally find me by word of mouth.

What do you love about what you do?

I love helping people, helping them relieve some pain and gain some mobility. It’s very rewarding. I’ve never worked in such a quiet and peaceful environment. My clients arrive in a great mood and leave feeling even better.

Chris Dangerfield- Myotherapy- VFA Learning

Chris Dangerfield- Myotherapy- VFA Learning

I used abdominal cupping on a client with lupus and saw her turn her health around. Prior to treatment she felt ready to go to hospital and post treatment she felt great and was able to spend valuable time with her family. It’s wonderful to be a part of that.

What is a successful massage career really like?

You need to be flexible and work around people’s demands. I was used to working around the clock before but the great thing about massage is the flexibility.

You can work as little or as much as you want. I don’t have to get my hands dirty any more, in fact, I take care of my hands now. They’re very soft and it’s a nice change.  Massage keeps me out of polluted, smoky environments and provides a nice, clean and calm working environment.

What do you love about VFA Learning?

The support that I have had has been amazing. My trainers are so talented, they made it easy. I got into a headspace where I was used to studying which is handy because as a massage therapist you never stop studying because you need to keep up with the latest information.

Why would you recommend VFA Learning?

My trainers were so knowledgeable, I was always made to feel welcome in class they have been only too willing to do extra. When I started studying I had never heard of myotherapy but since studying it I’ve realised what a valuable tool it can be. It will be much better for everyone when the rest of the world catches up with this idea. My studies at VFA Learning have been very enlightening and I am able to work confidently as a myotherpist. My clients are as grateful as I am for the training I have received from VFA Learning.