Fitness Australia & Current Industry Trends

Fitness Australia & Current Industry Trends: Simplified Statistics.

By Krystal McCluskey, 2015.

VFA Learning- Fitness Australia

VFA Learning- Fitness Australia: Young men training at gym with instructor

Now and then, something new and innovative emerges and finds a place in the Fitness Industry. Whether it is a different style of training, a different training tool, new training apparel and accessories and of course, we can’t forget the diverse range of supplements now available on the market to assist performance. Whatever it is, the fitness industry is growing. And FAST!

To maintain personal training businesses, we MUST keep up and continue advancing!

Every year the ‘Fitness Industry Report’ results are published; for the personal trainer wishing to grow their business or a student studying to move into the industry it is a formidable tool and one that just shouldn’t go unnoticed.

The respondents to the surveys that ultimately form the report are from members of gyms based in Australia (10, 432 respondents). The respondents were made up of 68.5% females and 31.5% males.

If you are currently in the fitness industry, working as a personal trainer or planning to become one in the near future. Here are some statistics that might assist you in running your training business better or even assist you getting it off the ground (* = can be directly influenced by a PT in some way).

The biggest impact on long-term commitment for gym users:

  • Location (53.3% of people)
  • Value for money* (45.5% of people)
  • Professional staff (polite, approachable, on-hand)* (37.6% of people)

Reasons gym member chose to use a personal trainer:

  • Get better results* (47.1% of people)
  • Extra motivation* (33.6% of people)
  • Get advice on exercise* (30.3% of people)

Reasons client discontinued Personal Training:

  • Expense* (39.7% people)
  • Learnt correct exercise technique* (13.1% of people)
  • No longer needed the extra motivation* (7.2% of people)

How clients chose their Personal Trainer:

  • Referred by someone else* (33.3% of people)
  • Based on availability* (25.4% of people)
  • Based on the trainer’s experience* (20.3%)

As a personal trainer, utilising social media that is going to reach your current clients and encourage new customers to invest in their health by investing in a personal trainer to achieve their long-term goals. This said; we need to know what the preferred social media channels are that members are using.

The most popular social media channels:

  • Facebook (79.5% of people)
  • YouTube (30.2% of people)
  • Instagram (26.4% of people)

Now that this is clear, go ahead and create your accounts and get posting!

Further to the useful statistics provided above, there are always areas of opportunity that unveil themselves. These ‘areas of opportunity’ can be explored more by a personal trainer to create more business for themselves in the long term.

Fitness Australia: According to the ‘Fitness Industry Survey 2014,’ last year in Australia the most significant areas of growth within the industry included the following:

  • 24 – hour clubs
  • Growing seniors market
  • Clubs offering memberships under $10 a week
  • Online membership sign ups
  • Adult Obesity
  • Child obesity
  • Personal Training
  • Outdoor Personal Training
  • Online bookings for classes
  • Recognised staff qualifications

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these and discuss how you as a current or potential personal trainer can utilise these ‘areas of opportunity” due to industry growth.

Fitness Australia: 24 – Hour clubs

24 – hour clubs have provided more flexibility for members to train and still maintain consistency with training. Personal Trainers can now work around these hours and accommodate their clients better and provide a wider range of availability for classes and 1 on 1 training sessions. This is a great area of opportunity for the personal trainer who wants to go the extra mile to train their clients at any time, any day. It can create a higher level of exercise adherence from the client and decrease the stress behind having to fit exercise in within certain scheduled open hours.

Fitness Australia: Growing Seniors Market

With a growing older population now deciding to invest some time and money into health and fitness, this is a perfect niche to be working with as a personal trainer. The older adult will need assistance finding their way around the gym and practising functional movement knowing their health and safety is being looked after. Many of our ageing population found themselves within the ‘Special Population’ umbrella. Personal trainers, particularly those who are VFA Learning trained are taught to understand and provide effective exercise prescription for such conditions that fall under this umbrella.

Fitness Australia: Adult Obesity

VFA Learning- Fitness Australia

VFA Learning- Fitness Australia

Obesity is a growing epidemic that does not discriminate by age, gender or ethnicity. This disease can affect anybody at any age. Not only does this open up an ‘area of opportunity’ to improve the health and fitness of the overall population with exercise. It also provides an opportunity for personal trainers to use their trained skills in assisting clients with nutrition advice to help them lose weight and keep it off the safe way.

As you can see, it is clear where some energy needs to be focused. There is nothing better than helping those who are in great need, as the research suggest the older adult and obese populations are those in need right now!


Fitness Australia is an excellent resource for personal trainers to use in order to stay in the loop about industry trends and now that we have identified who is in need of our services, let’s look at some of the common training methods used in the industry.

Earlier this year Fitness Australia released an article on their website outlining the most common training trends in the fitness industry. The following are included in the top 10!

  1. Body weight training
  2. High-intensity interval training
  3. Educated, certified and experienced fitness professionals
  4. Strength training
  5. Personal training
  6. Exercise and weight loss
  7. Yoga
  8. Fitness programs for older adults
  9. Functional fitness
  10. Group personal training

On a final note, take some time out of your day and evaluate where you can improve; not just as a personal trainer but as a business owner. Stay passionate about what your mission is for creating a healthier lifestyle for people and our communities.

On a final note, take some time out of your day and evaluate where you can improve; not just as a personal trainer but as a business owner. Stay passionate about what your mission is for creating a healthier lifestyle for people and our communities.


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