Fitness Marketing and Statistics.

Fitness Marketing and Statistics.

Fitness Marketing Statistics:

Find out what the statistics say about how we communicate with our members and clients; What fitness marketing and social media tools should we be utilising??

Fitness Marketing VFA Learning 2015

Fitness Marketing VFA Learning 2015

Fitness Marketing explained:

Every year Fitness Australia publishes a ‘Fitness Industry Report’ based on the findings from the fitness industry survey that looks at many KPI areas that are trending in the fitness industry around Australia and selected countries.

This information can be used to assess workplace practises so that gyms and trainers can improve customer satisfaction and focus energy on areas that are important for members and clients.

Although this survey is only completed by fitness clubs and their members, the information can be used to assist any fitness industry business model that operates.

Here is what members at surveyed clubs had to say about how they prefer to be contacted as a member and client:

  • 42.8% contacted via email
  • 20.6% emailed newsletter
  • 10.6% SMS
  • 8.4% contacted via social media
  • 7.9% communicated with in person

This information highlights the importance of making sure we communicate with clients and members in their preferred way. There are obvious benefits to each form of communication, and it may require developing good professional relationships to ensure communication is sound. We should be asking this question in the first encounter with a new member or client.

Facebook, as we know, is highly effective when used to promote and introduce new services to wide audiences of people; however it is not the most preferred method of contact for clients.

Fitness Marketing- Social Media Survey Usage:

Clubs that were surveyed were asked what they believed to be the most useful form of social media for them. The results showed a website (94.1%) and Facebook (92.2%) being the most common response. The most under utilised being YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter.

These are some interesting statistics considering that members and clients responded by saying that personally, the social media they prefer to use is Facebook (80%), YouTube (30.6%) and Instagram (26.5%). LinkedIn and Twitter came in at 4th and 6th place respectively, which highlights these communication avenues should be utilised more often than they are by clubs and trainers.

With advances in social media and new platforms being established every day, it is hard to know where to focus your marketing and attention so that your business can grow.

Marketing occurs in many forms, and social media is being utilised more these days due to the reduced cost of doing so.
The top 3 most successful marketing strategies that clubs use are:

  1. Website
  2. Billboards and outdoor advertising
  3. Referral Campaigns within the business


So whether you are interested in how to attract more members and clients or whether you would like to ensure your communication channels are open to current members and clients, there is something in these statistics for you.

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