Fitness Motivation. Beat the Winter Blues

Fitness motivation and ways to stay driven this winter.

By Michael Murphy, July 2015.

VFA Learning- Fitness Motivation.

VFA Learning- Fitness Motivation.

We are well and truly in the grasps of winter, as the temperature drops, a lot of us will go into ‘fitness hibernation’. This usually involves no exercise and more food that results in weight gain. But not this winter! Follow these tips to make sure your fitness motivation allows you to be in the best shape of your life come summer!

Fitness Motivation Tip 1: Set a Goal.

To remain motivated this winter, set a short-term goal. Make it specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. Is there an event in spring you’d like to do? A Fun run? Triathlon? Or it may be a function (wedding, birthday, etc). Set the goal, tell someone, write it down and put it somewhere you’ll see every day.

Fitness Motivation Tip 2: Train during daylight

People associate dark with cold. So train during the day – on your lunch break is perfect. Not only is the vitamin D from the sun good for you, but the exercise at lunch time will also release feel-good hormones in your body and make for a less stressful afternoon at work.

Fitness Motivation Tip 3: Lounge room workout

If the weather is too bad to train outside, be prepared to train in your lounge room. Buy some hand weights or some resistance bands and be creative with your workouts. Every time a particular ad comes on the TV do ten squats or when someone cries on the biggest loser do ten burpees.

Fitness Motivation Tip 4: Get a Personal Trainer

Getting a personal trainer is the best way to stay motivated in the colder months. They will make you accountable; they’ll keep your training sessions interesting and help you achieve your goals.


Don’t go into hibernation this winter. Use these tips to help you get through this winter, unleashing your winter motivation to be in the greatest shape come this spring. 


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