Live Your Passion Ambassador- Lucy Brennan

Geelong Fitness Ambassador Lucy Brennan

Meet our Geelong fitness ambassador Lucy Brennan of Lucefit Australia Geelong.

VFA Learning Geelong fitness ambassador, Lucy Brennan

PT courses Geelong- Lucy Brennan, VFA Learning fitness ambassador.

We are delighted to welcome and introduce our very first Geelong fitness ambassador Lucy Brennan. Lucy is owner of Luce Fit Australia and she completed her Certificate IV in Fitness with us and has not looked back! Lucy has always had a passion for helping people. She believes everyone deserves the chance to live their best life and she loves the fact that she can help people achieve this through physical exercise at her Geelong Fitness centre.


Lucy will spearhead our Live Your Passion campaign.



We asked Lucy a few questions:


What inspired you to get started on this journey?

“I believe I always had a big passion for helping people at a young age. Once I started to exercise more regularly, I recognised the amazing benefits physically and mentally it had on me. I believe everyone deserves the chance to live their best life and get the most out of each day. Therefore, being happy, healthy and confident in your own skin should be a focus for us all.”


What has been your number one take away from your time at VFA Learning? 

“As a personal trainer, I loved that the Geelong fitness teachers at VFA Learning always placed high importance on implementing correct technique on ourselves and our future clients. I will always continue to prioritise quality over quantity with all of my clients and members.”


Would you recommend VFA Learning to your friends and family and why?

“Most definitely! I graduated job ready and stepped straight into my first job as a personal trainer.  After finishing my course, I felt very confident in the knowledge and skills I had learnt at VFA Learning to get me started. With such a great combination of practical and theory units I believe I developed a great understanding of my profession.”


Tell us about your class and learning environment?

“I always remember the students I completed my Certificate IV in Fitness with! I still follow a majority of them on social media and I believe that we all continue to inspire each other with our posts. I always feel so excited when I see my Geelong fitness classmates living their passion and enjoying life as much as they did back when we started studying back in 2013.”


Where do you see yourself in 2 years’ time? 

“Definitely still running my Geelong fitness business Luce Fit Australia. Since moving into our bigger warehouse, I am always aiming to introduce more girls to the Luce Fit lifestyle. Opening another gym in a new location could also be a possibility for the company.”


How did VFA Learning help you realise and unlock your passion? 

“The Geelong fitness teachers took a major part in helping shape and unlock my passion. I had finally found a group of people that believed in me. They answered my oh so many questions that I had over my entire course and not once made me feel silly for not understanding or knowing the answer. Coming from a girl that had just dropped out of uni due to doubting herself and unable to find the right support this was a huge thing for me!”


Favourite way to stay fit over the winter? 

“My favourite way to stay fit over winter is definitely indoors in a group environment or scheduling in a training session with a friend. I definitely feel more motivated with people around me, plus booking it in just keeps me so much more accountable.”


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