Graduate Profile: Claudia Elkin – Powerful and Positive

Graduate Profile: Claudia Elkin –  Personal Training Course

What made you choose VFA Learning?

I was studying psychology at University when I realised that being a counsellor was not for me. I couldn’t see myself sitting at a desk all day and felt really negative. I wanted to do something positive and help people in another way.

I was working at a gym at the time and my friend suggested I do a personal training course with VFA Learning.  I quit my university course that day and made the decision to study fitness with VFA Learning.  I thought, if I’m going to do it I’m not going to waste time because personal training will give me an opportunity to really help people.

VFA Learning Graduate- Personal Training

VFA Learning Graduate- Personal Training

What were your first impressions of VFA Learning?

I love the fact that the classroom and the gym are very connected. The classrooms themselves are really big so it is a pleasant environment to study in. At the same time the campus isn’t too big. I had just come from studying at a huge university where you had to walk 2 kilometres from one class to another. The students at uni were separated and even though I had been studying there for a year I hadn’t made any friends.

When I came to VFA Learning I was able to form friendships straight away because I was always studying with the same group of people. I felt more comfortable just knowing that we would all be working together throughout our studies. I love making friends.

How have your studies impacted your life?

VFA Learning gave me a chance to manage my studies along with all the other aspects of my life as classes are only scheduled for 2 days each week. We were given a great foundation in class that we could build on with our online work at home.  I loved being able to work at my own pace.

I am currently working for a company that is supporting me in so many ways and this opportunity only came about because of my association with VFA Learning. I am being given new opportunities and contacts all the time.

Where are you working?

I’m working for a company called B2S Fitness running group classes and I was offered this role after being recommended for the position by one of my trainers. I have been able to choose my work hours and I’ve been working there for eight months. One of my clients used to have heaps of problems with his knees but now he is able to walk and run without pain. It’s amazing.

What are your plans for the future?

I’ve got big plans! In fact I have a job interview in Rosebud tomorrow. I’ve always wanted to live there and fitness is a very portable career. Now I have the knowledge and I can take that with me wherever I want to go.

When I called to enquire about work the fitness director in Rosebud was keen to get me in straight away, he couldn’t believe how enthusiastic I was. I am really excited and I’m looking forward to finding out where this career can take me.

I love doing group classes but I want to create connections with people one on one through personal training. I want to meet people where they are at and then take them through to reach their goals.

What did you love most about your course?

I loved the constant support.  Our trainer, Dave was there for us every day, if I needed an answer to a question I knew he would get back to me ASAP.  It was the same with the admin team. If I needed help I was able speak with someone straight away. You don’t get that kind of support at university and I didn’t even have that kind of support in high school. When I came to VFA Learning I felt really supported in my studies for the first time.  That support really kept me on track.

What were your trainers like?

Honest and real. Dave was absolutely awesome. He treated us as equals. When someone shows me respect it is easy to show that respect back. Dave never spoke down to me, if I had issues with something he would completely understand. Dave really knows his stuff and we learned from each other. I loved feeling that there was an equal exchange and that one person’s opinion is not better than another just because they are older or in the role of a trainer. Dave’s teaching style taught me that learning is a two way street and he showed me that I can always be learning, even when I’m eighty!

What do you love about working in fitness?

I fell in love with feeling strong when I began to work out in the gym. Most people only go to the gym because they don’t like the way they look or feel and that was me. I want to help people become stronger both mentally and physically. The mind and the body need to work together.  Personal training is the best way to support people because you can support people both physically and mentally.  I love the fact that I get to work out alongside my clients too.


Most people in this industry are positive and my job is to be an inspiration to other people so that keeps me in a positive mindset too. I love the way that feeling strong makes me feel and if I can support someone else to do the same thing in their own way then that is enough for me.


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