Graduate Profile: Shannon Mulvenna – I landed my dream job before I finished my studies

Student Profile:  Shannon Mulvenna

I landed my dream job before I finished my studies.

Shannon Mulvenna- Fitness Courses Melbourne

Shannon Mulvenna- Fitness Courses Melbourne

Shannon Mulvenna landed  his dream job in corporate fitness soon after completing his Certificate IV in Fitness at VFA Learning. He is currently studying his Diploma of Sports Development.

What made you decide to study fitness at VFA Learning?

I’ve always had an interest in fitness and Sport from a young age.  I was looking at attending University when I finished Year 12 but then I got an email from VFA Learning and I thought why not give this a go. I came to the interview and it sounded like something I could do, I could study for one year and be prepared to work in the fitness industry. This appealed to me as I would have to wait three years to get a job if I went to University. The Fitness courses offered by VFA were quick and convenient by comparison and sounded like exactly what I needed.

What have been the highlights of your time with VFA Learning so far?

The best part about studying fitness  is that it is not just theory, we work in the gym all the time and we are given a lot of opportunities to experience all aspects of the fitness industry in off-campus excursions. We also have employers visit us while we study, in fact that is how I found the job I am working in now. We are given loads of opportunities.

How did you land your job with Fit and Firing  Corporate Health and Fitness?

My trainer encouraged me to apply. I got in contact with the owner of the business and received mentoring from him for a while. Over time I took over a range of group corporate training classes and now I run these by myself.  I didn’t expect to be given opportunities like this considering I am still studying my Diploma, it’s been amazing.

What do you love about your job?

Funnily enough I’m not a gym person, I love training outdoors and this job gives me the opportunity to do that when the weather is good. The sessions I run are group based cardio so I’m not in the gym, I am working with people in a corporate environment on a weekly basis in the heart of Melbourne city. It’s interesting and I love getting to know my clients. My clients are glad to have a break from their desks and a chance to get fit. I love giving people this opportunity. This job is exactly what I have been looking for.

Shannon Mulvenna- Fitness Courses Melbourne

Shannon Mulvenna- Fitness Courses Melbourne

My boss is brilliant and the opportunities he has given me have been unbelievable. My studies with VFA Learning have made 2016 an amazing year for me.

What’s next?

Fit and Firing has a successful business model and we are looking to expand which means the sky is the limit. Next week we are headed to Port Phillip Bay all expenses paid to train staff from one of the big four banks while they participate in a conference. It is an amazing opportunity.

How would you describe your trainers?

I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer. Dave is down to earth and understanding. He has helped us so much. We can take him for granted but he does so much to ensure we have the best opportunities to learn.

Why would you recommend VFA Learning to prospective students?

Studying with VFA Learning opens up amazing opportunities, it’s not like university. You are in the gym as much as you are in the classroom. You get real world experience through offsite excursions and you get to learn about all aspects of fitness, it’s incredible how much you can cover and take in over 2 days a week.

What was it like when you first started your course?

I was really nervous and reserved at first but over time I realised I was studying with a group of friendly and outgoing people that share a common interest. It is a really friendly environment and we all support each other. Everything about VFA Learning is friendly, every member of staff is helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

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