Healthy Eating Plans for Clients

Healthy Eating Plans for Clients


Good Food Image“I’m working out heaps with a Personal Trainer, but I’m not seeing the results! Why?”

As one of the most common questions asked, sometimes it’s the most obvious answer staring you in the face…literally! Nutrition is, simply, the barrier between you and your goals, and this is where Personal Trainers can help the most.

Personal Trainer Insights

In a lot of ways, people have already made the big step of committing to a program when they turn up to a personal training session, which is why it makes just as much sense for Personal Trainers to develop an eating plan that works in conjunction with a fitness program.

Eat Less, Better Results, Right?

One of the most common misconceptions is that you have to jump on low-calorie diets to get maximum results, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to teachers at VFA Learning, “Most clients don’t eat often enough, or eat sufficient protein with each meal. Low-calorie diets cause a starvation response in your body.

“Exactly what you don’t want for great results.”

Barriers for Eating Well

Another area that tends to get in the way of a good, healthy eating plan is friends and family, particularly when it’s been a long week in the office, the cupboards aren’t yielding anything delightful and it’s just that much easier to pick up the phone and order a pizza.

It’s not just about willpower, though.

Clients have extensive social networks including family, friends, work colleagues and partners.

“They need food ideas that allow them to be successful but flexible, on-target but accommodating. Working with a Personal Trainer will give them the power to make food choices that work.”

Personal Trainers and Meal Plans

Personal Trainers get it. They’ve gone through VFA Learning courses, and learned that there are no shortcuts in fitness, and definitely none when it comes to eating well to complement such a lifestyle. It’s all about longevity, and something that doesn’t drive you bonkers trying to stick to it.

“Creating successful, sustainable eating patterns is the biggest challenge in developing a powerful, lean, good looking body.

“Personal Trainers understand this and ensure clients have easy to understand strategies for goal-oriented eating.”