Helping Clients Prepare For Activity With A PAR-Q

Helping Clients Prepare For Activity With a PAR-Q


When it comes to providing quality fitness programs, Personal Trainers need to ensure that the regime is tailored as much as possible to the client, so that they maximise their results. To help find out just what a client is capable of, Personal Trainers will take them through a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, more commonly known as a ‘PAR-Q’.

Duane Luki, one of our Trainers, spent time going through what takes place during the assessment, and how to look after clients.

What is it like working with people during the PAR-Q?

I find this a great time to engage the client and build a rapport; a time to let the client feel relaxed and let them know they are in safe hands, to reassure them their decision to change their lifestyle is a positive move in the right direction.

What are personal trainers looking for during the assessment?

Trainers are looking for any medical issues that could stop the clients from performing any exercises.

What are some of the ways a personal trainer can identify problems?

There are many ways to teach students how to assess, such as a static assessment from a standing start, to a dynamic assessment relating to movement. These are ways we teach our students to be diligent in assessing, which is a great way to prevent clients getting injured before they undergo any activity.

What happens if someone is identified with problems?

The first thing we teach is that we stay within our skill set of what our qualification allows us to do, so if it is outside that area, or we  are unsure, we refer them to a professional ASAP before undergoing any further exercise. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Can everyone train?

Yes! Everyone can train within their abilities. Studies have shown that exercise makes for a better lifestyle and provides physical and health benefits.

How do you modify for persons condition?

We teach VFA Learning students to assess by doing a Needs Analysis with any client that comes from a special population background, helping us identify what the clients can and can’t do. A Needs Analysis will help towards giving a more specific exercise program for the client’s needs.

The PAR-Q is just one of the many aspects of Personal Training studies you’ll take on as part of a fitness course with VFA Learning. To find out more, simply head to our main site and enquire to speak with one of our expert consultants.