Graduate Profile: Jade Portelli – A career in Early Childhood Education and Care

VFA Graduate in Childcare

Graduate Profile: Jade Portelli – A career in Early Childhood Education and Care


Jade Portelli is shy about her achievements and the last person in the world to blow her own trumpet, which is why we at VFA Learning would like to do it for her.  At only 19 years old Jade landed part-time work with Eclipse Early Education well ahead of her graduation date. Congratulations Jade!

Jade Portelli- Early Childhood Education and Care

Jade Portelli- Early Childhood Education and Care

Jade’s trainer Andrea is especially impressed with Jade’s ability to command the respect and attention of the children in her care and remarks that Jade has grown significantly throughout her time with VFA Learning. “When I checked in with Jade while she was on placement it was obvious that she knows what makes each and every child in her care tick. It’s no surprise to me that she has landed a fantastic job well ahead of her graduation date.”

Jade began her journey with VFA Learning with a School Based apprenticeship while she studied Year 12 which meant she had a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care by the time she finished high school. “I figured the Diploma wouldn’t take much time and would set me up in a child care career so I signed up for the Diploma with VFA Learning once I finished Year 12.”

Jade expresses much appreciation for her trainer, Andrea, in fact she cites her relationship with Andrea as one of the deciding factors in choosing VFA Learning. In Jade’s words “Andrea has been a great teacher and gave me all the support I needed. Whenever I found something difficult to understand I knew I could ask for extra help, she was even available on the weekends.”

On her workplace Jade says “It’s been a great opportunity and, once I finish my Diploma I hope to work at Eclipse full time.

I work with toddlers and I love it, it’s my favourite age group to work with. Believe it or not I love toilet training them. I love watching children grow, learn and achieve their goals. They are so proud when they are able to ‘go’ all by themselves, I appreciate being a part of that achievement. I look after 4-8 children on a daily basis and we form strong relationships with each other.

Jade loves the creative aspect of her job too “the best thing we have made so far was sand mermaids. We had a lot of fun with sand and paint and then we pop the mermaids on a stick so they can ‘swim around’ we all really loved that activity.

When I did my school-based apprenticeship with VFA Learning I worked in a family day care which is home based. This year I did my work placement at the centre I am now working at. I have improved and learnt so much along the way and I feel very confident doing my job.”

When asked what advice she would give to aspiring child care workers Jade provides great insight.

“If you are not confident the kids know, they will take advantage and play around. My confidence in looking after children has supported me to be confident when I communicate with parents and answer the phones because I know exactly what I am doing and why I am doing it.

I would definitely recommend VFA Learning to anyone that wants to study childcare because the support I received has been amazing and the teachers know what they are doing. I made a lot of new friends and I really appreciated that VFA arranged my placement for me.

I love working in childcare and I see myself doing this job for a while. There are a lot of jobs around and new centres are opening near where I live all the time. I feel like I have made a good career choice.

I will miss the friends I made in my class, we will catch up outside of class but we won’t have that time together each week soon…. And of course I will miss my trainer Andrea and her jokes, she has made this whole experience fun.”