Job Prospects for Child Care Workers

Job Prospects for Child Care Workers


If you’re planning to study Child Care, or you already are, then it’s important to know what career opportunities there are when you complete your courses, and according to new studies, those opportunities may happen sooner than you think.

A Government analysis researched the career outlook for child care workers and found that between 2016-17, the industry is expected to grow ‘very strongly’, as industry employment has risen over the past five years to 115,000 (since November 2011).

The study also shows that certified day care workers tend to get work within the following industries:

  • Health Care & Social Assistance
  • Education & Training
  • Arts & Recreation Services

Childcare is also being seen as a career with ‘very high’ vacancy levels, which means there’s a strong chance people studying will have a positive chance of acquiring a role within centres on completion of courses.

The following table supplied from visualises the analysis around important aspects like growth, full time earnings, and future growth, which was seen as ‘very strong growth’.