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Make Your Wellbeing A Priority.  

Why making it about how you feel is more important than making it about how you look.

VFA Learning. Wellbeing

VFA Learning. Wellbeing.

Somewhere along the lines as a society, we got sidetracked.  If you take a look through any of the men’s or women’s magazines currently sitting on the shelf in your local newsagents, the images, and articles contained therein are predominantly focused on how you look and how to attain a particular look.

There’s the latest diets and exercise regimes to try, beauty products, tanning solutions, protein supplements, the list goes on… all to make you LOOK a certain way.

Let’s be clear – there is nothing wrong with taking pride in how you look.  When one is solid in their self-worth, they naturally feel to present themselves in a way that reflects how they feel on the inside.  But there is a distinct difference between taking pride in how you look and forcing and controlling your body to try to attain a certain look or image.  It is in fact, these ideals and images that ultimately destroy our self-confidence and self-worth.

When we have an ideal or an image of how we are supposed to look, we place an unnatural pressure on ourselves to ‘get it right.’  And with this, we invest a significant amount of energy that we need to maintain and focus on ‘getting it right.’

If you think back to a time when you put yourself on a diet… there’s an initial period where you take a deep breath, brace yourself and go out all guns blazing… only to realise 1 week, 3 weeks, or 6 months down the track that you simply cannot maintain the level of energy needed to keep on going, on any long-term basis – and the effort required to do so is unnatural and exhausting.

The reality is, our bodies are all very different – this goes for both men and women.  It is almost impossible ever to achieve our ideal look.


And, because of this – we are constantly setting ourselves up to fail. 


VFA Learning- Wellbeing. Fell Good

VFA Learning- Wellbeing.

If we take the focus inward to how we FEEL about ourselves – this is where the real shift comes.  And not only do you start to FEEL good in your body and improve your self-worth, but you then naturally start to emanate how you feel.

If you reflect on people you know – it is those that are confident in who they are that have a natural radiance about them.


So, how do you make the shift?


All that’s required is a change of focus – Make it about how you feel over how you look!

When it comes to exercise – exercise as a way to connect you to your body.  Focus on how your body feels as you exercise. Exercise in a way that confirms who you are already and celebrates your body as it is.

Workouts don’t need to be punishing and grueling; they can be an empowering and enjoyable opportunity for you to find well-being.

Eat in a way that nourishes your body and supports you.  Focus on foods that make you feel good and eliminate the foods that make you feel tired, anxious, wired, bloated and heavy.  You’ll start to notice that certain foods actually exacerbate negative self-talk and self-criticism.  Avoid these ones at all costs!

When you make food choices based on how you feel, not only will you physically feel better – but you are saying to yourself… ‘I’m worth feeling good.’ Rather than making choices based on losing weight, which is in effect saying ‘I’m not good enough as I am and I need to change.’

A natural by-product of looking after yourself in this way is that your self-worth starts to improve.  And with this, you begin to love your body more the way it is.

If it’s needed, your body will naturally change shape with the self-loving choices that you are making.

The more we focus on how we feel and our own wellbeing, and less on how we look, the more our self-confidence and self-worth will grow.  From here you start to radiate from the inside out.  This type of beauty cannot be bought in a packet, or run out on a treadmill… it is a la naturale!


We look out for our people with the VFA Student Wellbeing Assistance Program. This Student Wellbeing Assistance Program is designed to support you through your qualification by perfecting good study habits, class attendance & student engagement.

Our wellbeing program is just one of the many ways VFA Learning aspires to create a positive learning environment, fostering the well-being of our students, staff, and associates.

By Brooke Taylor – Essendon Fields Academy Manager, 2016.