Personal Trainers & Leadership

Personal Trainers & Leadership


Leadership is undoubtedly one of the single-most important factors of being a Personal Trainer. It’s the key relationship driver when it comes to working with people. Clients rely on you to be strong, and show the way forward. They put their faith in you to deliver results, and encourage them to reach beyond their normal boundaries.

What goes into being a Leader?

Well, not everyone’s a natural leader, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be taught. Some of the best leaders have needed mentors to help them reach their potential. Here are some of the things you’ll need to start helping contribute to being proactive and strong for people you work with, and report to.

Be Dependable

Clients and employers pay more attention to those who can be relied on for being on time, scheduling and communication, which is why these three qualities are a great indicator into how your present yourself in front of the people that matter.

Being prepared and proactive helps convey to people that you are serious about making a difference in their lives. Even popular celebrity Fitness Trainer programs make programs designed for different types of people at different stages of fitness.

Maintaining Client Relationships

Relationships are what drive the Fitness world. You need to know that your clients are committed, and clients need to know that you’re serious about helping them reach their goals.

Developing these skills is a requirement as a leading Personal Trainer. Even well-known trainers agree that being able to influence people’s lives in a positive and healthy way is something worth aspiring to.

You’ll be seeing these people on a regular basis, so making the best impression on them goes a long way to keeping them on your lists.

Identifying Physical & Mental Needs

Thinking about more than one person, and showing initiative to create programs that are designed to improve the lives of different types of people is a great step to showing your clients you care about their needs, from both a physical and emotional need.

One of the most common stories online, that Personal Trainers don’t offer tailored programs, is because there’s not a lot of initiative on their behalf. Another common story is that some Trainers see this as just a way to earn money.

These are the kinds of stories that turn people away from engaging with Trainers for more than just one session, so going beyond those misconceptions means your clients know that you are not just serious about making them stronger, but also want them to feel better about themselves.

Knowing when a client needs a break, can’t be pushed anymore, and above all knowing when they’re going to injure themselves through training is a big part of maintaining a long and successful career in Personal Training.

Studying to Discover More

There are so many ways to keep on top of new techniques and program methods to ensure you provide clients with the best possible workouts, but none better than learning from the professionals.

Whether you’re learning from the ground, or have some experience, study can help improve the knowledge base, especially when the fitness world is always evolving and discovering new scientific ways to deliver effective exercise plans. Clients read as well, and like to ask questions about new training fads, so having the answers and solutions to those questions is a necessity in this industry.

Are You Ready to be a Leader?

At VFA Learning, we pride ourselves on providing a program that prepares every student as a leader, no matter which course you choose. You can check out our courses here, or get in touch with the team via our enquiry form.