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James, or Jimmy as he was known to us, studied his Certificate III & IV in Fitness with VFA Learning at Essendon Fields in 2015.  Jimmy was a natural born personal trainer and walked straight out of VFA Learning into a job at FitXCore in Sunbury.


Jimmy shares with us his story of going from working 70-80 hours a week in hospitality, feeling unfit and stressed – to working in an industry that he loves with all the flexibility he needs to spend time with his young family.


Q: What was it that made you decide to do your Cert III & IV in Fitness course with VFA Learning over other personal training courses in Melbourne?

A:  For the 14 years leading up to this I was working in hospitality running nightclubs and bars.  It was a pretty hard lifestyle working long hours, nights and weekends and it took away a lot of time.  When I was younger, I played a high level of hockey.  After getting injured, I started to work more, and my health pretty much went out the window due to work!  After 14 years of doing that, I had had enough and decided to change my life.  I joined a gym and started working out and really loved it, and decided to see if I could make a career out of it.’


Q:  What made you choose VFA Learning for your personal training courses Melbourne?

A: ‘I had looked around and done a bit of research as there are lots of places that you can go to study.  I knew a few people that had been to VFA Learning and some that were going; I asked them what they thought, and they said it was fantastic and to do it! So I thought I would give it a shot. For me, it sounded like the best personal training courses Melbourne had on offer.


Q: What was your experience of the course?

A: It was great – I found from day one that everyone was really helpful – all the staff and teachers were great – everyone was really knowledgeable – I didn’t find it hard to learn anything or grasp any of the concepts. The facilities are great, the gym has good equipment and is all up to date.  I had a really good time.


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Q:  Now you’re working as a Personal Trainer at FitXCore in Sunbury, how did that job come about?

A:  A bit of luck – I happened to be doing my  studies with someone that was a partner of the owner of the gym and through those connections I picked up a job as soon as I completed the course!


Q:  The owner of FitXCore also studied with us – is that correct?

A:  ‘Yes he did the course a few years back – he was in a similar industry to me before me, and it was a hard life, and he opened up this just over a year ago.’


Q: How are you finding working in the industry?

A:  It’s great – really rewarding – getting to help people.  It’s not something I thought was a priority of mine but seeing people change through how you’re working with them and teaching them is really personally rewarding.  I like the hours; they’re really flexible.  They can be tough – some mornings I’m up at 4 am to be here at 5 am to train a few clients.  Sometimes I’m here till 9/10pm on the same day, but I can set my own hours.


Q: You’ve got family and a young child too, don’t you?

A: Yes, I have a partner and a young 2-year-old daughter.


Q: And how does the job work around that?

A: It’s really good in that respect – when I was working in bars I was out of the house 70-80 hours a week, even when I was studying I was still working FT as well, I was only home 2 -3 hours a day, 5-6 days a week.  Having a lot more time for my family is a really big bonus.


Q: What’s your favourite part about your job now?

A: ‘Seeing the results people get, seeing where they start and where they can go to.  A lot of people when they start aren’t very confident.  They’re intimidated by gyms, and they put it off.  But then when they get into it they start seeing the results, and they start seeing the difference.  Being a part of that and helping them on their journey is really cool’.


Q: ‘Why would you recommend VFA Learning to others?

A:  The quality of teaching – all 3 of the people who taught me are absolutely amazing – all the way from the first day of my Cert III all the way to the end.  They were there anytime I needed them.  Even now I’m going to University – I start in a few days doing a Bachelor of Ex Science because I want to go further, and even now my teachers are still there, supporting me and helping me with anything I need.

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