Graduate Profile – Amanda and Peter – A Unique Combination – Personal Training Courses

VFA Graduate Profile – Amanda & Peter

A Unique Combination – Personal Training Courses

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Amanda and Peter- Graduates from VFA Learning.


We love couples that come and study with us at VFA Learning, and these two are certainly no exception to that.  Amanda and Peter studied the Certificate III & IV in Fitness with us and the Certificate IV in Small Business Management in 2013/4 at our Essendon Fields campus. They have since gone on to start their own business – “A Very Small Training Group”.

This is by far one of the most eclectic and interesting business’ to come out of VFA Learning – these guys offer not only personal training, but music lessons, pet sitting, and dog walking to name just a few things!

We had a blast catching up with them and hope you enjoy their story.


Personal Training Courses

A Very Small Training Group- VFA Learning

Q:  What have you gone on to do since you completed studying with us?


Amanda:  We started our own business straight away and branched out to offer a few services.  We offer Personal Training, and because my background is in education, I also do some babysitting – but it’s babysitting with a bit of a bonus – I offer homework help and tutoring at the same time which the parents love.  Peter also does Music Lessons.

Peter:  Yes!  I teach lots of different instruments, guitar, bass, keys, banjo, uke, drums – there’s a lot!  I love music, and it’s a great thing to teach and be a part of.  It’s really rewarding.

Amanda:  We also work with animals too – we’re big animal lovers!  So we do some pet-sitting and dog walking… that’s really taking off too.

Peter: We do what we love!

Amanda:  We’ve brought all of our experience and qualifications together and offer it out to people, and that’s the difference with us because we’re not just offering one service but we can offer multiple things. We’re also both vegan, so we have quite a lot of vegan clients that come to us to get advice on what to eat.


Q: What were you doing before coming to VFA Learning?


Amanda: I was a teacher.

Peter:  I was teaching music.

Personal Training Courses

Peter was once solely a music teacher- VFA Learning.


Q:  What was it that inspired you to study personal training with us?


Amanda: For a few years I had a bit of a slump in life, I let my fitness go in life, then I got back into it – right back into it! Doing Spartan races, half marathons and started training with my good friend.  My background was PE Teaching and I wanted to be a personal trainer.  I’m in my mid 30’s now and I was wondering if I should do it and then I thought ‘Just Do it!’ – and we did! We had a super time at VFA Learning  – best teachers and we made heaps of good friends who we’re still really good mates with and I’m really glad we did – the business is going really well.


Q:  What made you choose VFA Learning?


Amanda: I was speaking to a friend about it and that inspired me.  MY PT studied elsewhere, but I decided to do my own research.  I’m not someone to go with the most well-known or the most advertised out there.  I did my research and I really liked what VFA Learning could offer, I’m so glad we chose this place!

Peter:  Having the gym was great, and it’s really easy to get to.  A few of the other providers seemed a bit shonky, so we decided to steer clear of those!


Q:  How was your experience with VFA Learning?


Amanda: It was really fun – obviously we learnt a lot!  It was really interactive; the teachers were laid back and approachable, fun and funny – they made the learning experience really enjoyable and the students were awesome.  It was great – because it was a part-time course the age range went from 18 up to 60!  So, it was really cool to spend time with different age groups.

Peter: The teachers really went the extra mile with everything – you could ask them anything and they would know the answer.  They were also really into it, all of them!  Even now, we’ve stayed connected to the teachers, they check in on how we’re going, we’ve caught up with them. We still have that connection.


Q: Would you recommend VFA Learning to someone else?


Amanda: 100% – I definitely would!

Peter:  Me too!

Q: What would you say to someone that was thinking about making a career change and wanting to get into the Fitness industry – what would your advice be to them?


Amanda: Just do it!  Life is short and there’s no point being stuck in the one job forever.  If you’re passionate about something and you love it then fair enough, but like most people out there we all have different and varied interests. You don’t need to box yourself into one thing for the rest of your life – it’s refreshing to get into something else, to challenge yourself and try something new!  Anyone that’s wanting to follow their passion they should definitely do it.

Personal Training Courses, VFA Learning

Peter and Amanda from ‘A Very Small Training Group’- VFA Learning.


For anyone wanting to find out more about what they do;

Call Amanda & Peter 0402 949 497 for any of our services – music, pet sitting, dog walking, music lessons and personal training… or our Facebook page – “A very small training group”.


Click here to see what Personal Training Courses we offer. As Amanda and Peter have already said, “Just do it!”