We dig flexible learning

Flipping Traditional Classrooms For Better Results

In 2015 we successfully trialed the flexible-learning ‘Flipped’ program with our Certificate III + IV in Fitness students. The trial achieved greatly improved study results and very positive student feedback. As a result, from 2016 all of our courses will incorporate this new style of learning.

What Is Flipped Learning?

Flipped Learning is a teaching method that transforms the learning experience for both teachers and students, freeing up classroom time to focus on ‘doing’ rather than reading or listening. In addition, it allows students to reduce their on-campus hours, transferring some of their study online . This has been found to be particularly helpful for those students juggling both study and work commitments.

It Is Customised Online Learning

Traditional classrooms are ‘flipped’ by offering an online learning program alongside the classroom experience. Students do what would traditionally be known as ‘homework’ before class, with online readings and tutorials.

It Is Explorative And Engaging Content

This frees up classroom time to become a place where students explore the content and engage in discussions with their teachers and fellow students.

It Is Research Based

Research underpins all aspects of the model, which is recognized by leading international universities such as Harvard University. (Source: Circulus Education, 2015)