VFA SWAP Learning

We look out for our people with the VFA SWAP

VFA Learning has a unique pastoral care service called ‘SWAP’ (or Student Wellbeing Assistance Program). This program is designed to assist you through your qualification by supporting good study habits and attendance at classes.

SWAP incorporates the following services:

  • Assigning a dedicated homeroom teacher to each class
  • Monitoring student progress via our purpose-built Online Learning Management System
  • Coordinating student practical work placements, ensuring we match each student with the most appropriate centre
  • Regular contact with students and employers during practical placements to ensure performance standards are being met.
  • Providing students with access to professional counselling via our partnership with Headspace.

SWAP Results

Our completion rates and student satisfaction scores have been significantly improved by our hands-on learning approach and regularity of face-to-face discussions between homeroom teachers and students. (Just for the record they were pretty good to start with…)