When is the Right Time for Childcare?

When is the Right Time for Childcare?

Most parents dread the moment they start considering the thought of their beautiful little child leaving their sight for more than a minute, but the reality is, it’s going to happen. It’s just a case of when. So what is the right age for your child in particular? What kind of environment should they be in? And does it suit you and your little person? According to VFA Learning’s Children Services Co-Ordinator, Karla Gumina, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding on the right age and place for your child. “Choosing the right time to put your child in to Childcare will depend on your child’s individual temperament, in addition to your family circumstances such as the need to work or study. “There is no perfect age, and each child will adjust differently to their Childcare environment.

Choosing Childcare for Child and Parents

Karla also thinks it’s not just about what’s best for the child, but also the parents, so that there is a good, trusting environment that encourages the family, saying, “It’s not so much about when right time  is, but more about finding a Childcare environment which suits both your and your child’s needs. “An opportunity for a flexible orientation period in which your child and yourself become familiar with the Childcare environment, routine and philosophy in practice, whilst also providing an opportunity to exchange information with staff and develop a professional partnership.”

Childcare for Different Age Groups

Children from different age groups are looking for a range of different things. Babies need time to develop trust and attachment to consistent caregivers and they thrive by having opportunities for lots of one-to-one with nurturing caregivers. Toddlers respond well to low carer-to-child ratios and require carers which provide them with lots of patience, energy and enthusiasm. A typical toddler will begin testing their limits and need carers who can help guide their behaviour using a range of positive techniques that help develop their self-esteem and understanding of the world. Preschool children generally find the transition to Childcare the smoothest, as it provides them with the opportunity to expand their friendship group and practice their language and social skills. Above all, in quality care environments, children have the opportunity to extend their skills in all areas of development and seek out further challenging experiences that they may not have exposure to at home. All of these different factors, according to Karla, contribute to a “pathway to making the transition to Childcare a positive and rewarding experience for all”.