Why Choose Us?

Why Choose VFA?

The VFA Difference is what sets us apart from the rest. It’s based on our four guiding principles: support, credibility, progression and fun!

VFA Learning has delivered quality, nationally recognised qualifications across nursing, aged care, fitness, massage and early childhood education for more than 25 years.

Why study with VFA?

At VFA Learning, we believe that the hallmarks of an excellent education are knowledge, preparation and experience. We have strong completion rates, and most of our graduates seek job or university placements after completing a course with us. We believe education is one of the keys to a better life.

The VFA Difference is based on our four guiding principles:



Providing holistic support to our students is what we do best. Our Student Wellbeing Assistance Program – or SWAP Learning – is our tailored pastoral care service designed to assist you through your qualification by encouraging good study habits and class attendance.

We know that students perform better when they have access to wrap-around services – plus we’ve had thousands of students through our doors over the last two decades, so we know what works.


We are proud to have spent a quarter of a century growing our business in Geelong. In that time, we’ve built a reputation as a well-known and trusted provider of nationally accredited courses. Plus, we’ve partnered with outstanding businesses, including Geelong Football Club, Fernwood Fitness, Association of Massage Therapists, London Wellness Academy and Melbourne Storm.


Our suite of courses spans across high-demand professions. This means a qualification with us will future-proof your career success, so you can meet your goals and embark on a career you’re passionate about.


We use a modified Flipped Learning teaching method across our courses. Say goodbye to having to turn up for boring lectures because ours are fun, and we’ve moved them online so you can do them at home before you come to class. Face-to-face sessions focus on ‘doing’ rather than reading or listening. Students can then better understand key concepts, initiate further investigation and increase their active participation in learning. Our students love this way of learning – and we do too.

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