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The VFA Learning difference? Our success is guided by four basic values: support, credibility, progression and fun.

At VFA Learning, we believe that the hallmarks of a great education are knowledge, preparation and experience. We have strong completion rates and the majority of our graduates seek job or university placements after completing a course with us. Education is one of the keys to a better life. We look forward to assisting you in your development through one of our education programs and onto a first class career.

We look out for our people with the VFA SWAP

VFA Learning has a unique pastoral care service called ‘SWAP’ (or Student Wellbeing Assistance Program). This program is designed to assist you through your qualification by supporting good study habits and attendance at classes.

What Is Flipped Learning?

Flipped Learning is a teaching method that transforms the learning experience for both teachers and students, freeing up classroom time to focus on ‘doing’ rather than reading or listening.

VET Student Loans

VFA Learning students undertaking a Diploma level course or above have access to VET Student Loans.

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