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Tracie Hibbins: A Journey of Passion and Adventure in Nursing

By June 22, 2023No Comments
Head of VFA Nursing Tracie shows her passion and adventure to life as she rides a horse.
In our exclusive ‘Meet the Trainer’ interview series, we have the pleasure of introducing Tracie Hibbins, who has been on a journey of passion and adventure in nursing. She is taking over as Head of VFA Nursing while Louise Kemme is on maternity leave.
With a remarkable journey spanning from her early nursing studies to her current leadership role, Tracie has become a trailblazer in the nursing field. Drawing from her vast experience and unwavering passion for the profession, Tracie has not only nurtured countless aspiring nurses but has also made significant contributions to the nursing community at large.
Tracie’s path has been marked by resilience, adventure, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. From her early days at Griffith University (and a short stint at Federation University) to her thriving role in the fast-paced Emergency Department at Epworth Geelong, Tracie has embraced every challenge and opportunity that came her way. Along her journey, she accumulated extensive knowledge in various healthcare settings and became a trusted mentor to many.

What inspired you to teach nursing?

I was inspired to teach nursing education after 22 years of diverse nursing experiences. Throughout my career, I had the opportunity to mentor and support nursing students and graduates in various capacities. The Covid-19 pandemic and the birth of my grandchildren prompted me to reassess my priorities and make a significant decision. Now, I am teaching at VFA and enjoying the best of both worlds, combining my practical experience with shaping the future of nursing.

How do you stay up-to-date with industry advancements and use them in your teachings?

To stay updated with industry advancements and enhance my teachings, I actively research and read to provide evidence-based practices to my students. I rely on resources like LITFL, UpToDate, and the Royal Children’s Hospital website. I also occasionally work shifts in the Emergency Department to stay current with clinical skills and learn new nursing methods. In this ever-changing field, every day is a learning opportunity in nursing.

Can you share a particularly memorable experience or success story from your time as a trainer at VFA Learning?

My experience as a trainer at VFA Learning has been consistently memorable. The fantastic team I work with makes every day enjoyable and exciting. It’s difficult to single out just one particular thing as they are all unforgettable experiences.

What advice would you give someone considering pursuing a career in your field?

If you are considering a career in nursing, I would highly recommend it. Nursing is an incredibly fulfilling profession with numerous career paths to explore. The journey is never-ending, and the possibilities are endless. Embarking on this road promises a lifetime of rewarding experiences.

If you could have any teaching-related superpower, what would it be and why?

If I could have a teaching-related superpower, it would be the ability to clone myself. This way, I could effectively manage the never-ending list of tasks that need to be accomplished within a limited timeframe. With more hours in the day, I could tackle all my responsibilities and ensure everything gets done efficiently.
We’re thrilled to welcome Tracie to the VFA Learning family, where her passion and adventure in nursing will inspire and guide our students towards a successful career in healthcare.