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VFA Learning Student Awards for 2023

By December 20, 2023No Comments
VFA Learning Student Awards 2023

With the end of the year drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to acknowledge our exceptional students’ hard work and dedication through the VFA Learning Student Excellence Awards. While selecting just one overall student award winner for each faculty was challenging, delving into the remarkable stories of those who excelled in Nursing, Massage, Fitness, Education and Childcare, Traineeships, and VET in Schools reveals the commitment and passion defining our learning community.

Nursing Student of the Year: Khirralea Ryan

Khirralea, a 2023 graduate in the HLT54121 Diploma of Nursing, is a quiet achiever who consistently displayed unwavering commitment throughout her nursing studies at VFA Learning. Her resilience, even through challenging circumstances, underscores her maturity and focus. Khirralea’s approach aligns seamlessly with the qualities of a “good” nurse—kindness, compassion, patient-centred care, and a profound understanding of accountability and professionalism. This well-deserved award is a testament to her dedication, and we anticipate a future in nursing that is both fulfilling and rewarding.

Nursing Student of the Year Khirralea Ryan

Massage/Myotherapy Student of the Year: Nicky Lin (Meng-Hsui)

Nicky’s journey in completing the HLT52015 Diploma of Remedial Massage this year is marked by initiative, accountability, and exceptional quality. Punctual and open to helping her peers, Nicky’s dedication is evident in the consistently high quality of her assignments. Her achievements are even more noteworthy because English is her second language, demonstrating her determination to overcome challenges. Nicky’s future as a therapist is promising, and we look forward to witnessing the evolution of her career in massage.

Early Childhood Education & Care Student of the Year: Nicole Crichton

Nicole is an outstanding student who consistently demonstrated exemplary dedication and passion throughout her course. Beyond academic excellence, Nicole’s commitment shines through her detailed logbook, showcasing a deep understanding of early childhood development. Her ability to translate theoretical knowledge into practical and meaningful practices in the workplace is commendable. Nicole, who establishes exceptional relationships with children under her care, extends her impact beyond academics, reflecting a genuine passion for early childhood education.

Fitness Student of the Year: Emma Daffy

Emma Daffy stands out as a passionate and hardworking student, offering some of the best work seen throughout her course in the fitness field. Emma has chosen a unique path—working with people with disabilities as an NDIS trainer using her lived experience. Her commitment and potential in this specialised field are evident, making her a valuable asset to the fitness community. Emma’s determination and passion pave the way for a future where she will excel and make a meaningful impact.

Fitness Student of the Year: Emma Daffy

VET in School Student of the Year: Clare Marendaz

Clare’s consistent presence and participation in every VETIS ECEC class have contributed to a vibrant and dynamic learning environment. Her perfect attendance percentage reflects a profound engagement with the subject of Early Childhood Education and Care, elevating the collective knowledge of the entire class. Clare’s insightful contributions and commitment position her as a standout presence as a VETIS student.

Trainee of the Year: Cayley Turnbull

Cayley’s journey is proof of the transformative power of traineeships. Initially uncertain, Cayley embraced a Certificate III School Based Education Support traineeship, demonstrating remarkable growth in a complex school environment. Her use of diverse behavioural strategies and visual prompts with special needs students reflects her maturity and adaptability. Cayley’s story of success extends beyond the classroom. Her successful application to a specialist school position in 2024 underscores her resilience and determination to make a positive difference in students’ lives.

Trainee of the Year: Cayley Turnbull

Watch this space as all of our award-winners forge their way in their respective careers and make a lasting impact on the community.

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