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Early Childhood Education

Choosing a Childcare Service

By November 18, 2012April 18th, 2023No Comments

There are so many types of approved childcare services now, that it’s difficult for parents to understand which one is a good choice for their child. We look at the different types of day care available, and get some insight advice from our resident expert, Karla Gumani.

Choosing Childcare Types

As childcare services are different across different ages, there are several options which normally include Centre-based care, Occasional Care and Family Day Care.

Karla believes that choosing a service for a child is a difficult and individual decision. “The most effective environments for children are ones which provide continuity of care with minimal staff turnover.

“An environment in which all parents and children are valued and included in the service for as little or as much as they like. Parents are their child’s first teachers and the most important person in children’s lives, so working in partnership [with the Childcare worker] is essential.”

Responding to Changes

For a lot of families, finding a service that can be flexible for different reasons is an essential part of a childcare centre or place. “Childcare educators should be approachable and adaptable to the changes and needs of the children and families.

“The most rich environments are aesthetically appealing in which the program is guided by the children’s needs and interests, and set up with creativity and care.”

Karla also believes there are characteristics that immediately stand out when parents enter a centre.

“You should hear spontaneous singing, endless engagement with the children and educators who are welcoming and warm towards all children and parents, and respect and embrace individual differences.”

Above all, having an environment parents and children are enthusiastic about is critical. “In a quality environment, you and your child’s senses will be excited by possibilities, you will be greeted warmly and feel confident that staff will contact you if they have any questions or concerns.”

“Learning happens best when caring adults working with the children, have respectful relationships and explore the world together in ways that are interesting and fun.”

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