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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education and Care

By March 20, 2015December 19th, 2022No Comments

The Early Childhood Education and Care industry has changed considerably since 2009 with the design and implementation of the National Quality Framework, it has seen centres being assessed and awarded a quality rating. Victoria has seen centres being awarded Excellent and Exceeding Quality standards.

Current industry regulations have seen an increase in Diploma Qualified Educators and the expectation that all Early Years Centres employ and Educational Leader and an Early Childhood Teacher.   With the demand on quality educators and teachers educators in that have been in the industry for a number of years are returning to study to undertake new practices and knowledge to implement in their centres.   Many Training organisations have created pathways from completion of Diplomas into 2nd year of the Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education and Care).  It is an exciting time to be studying in the industry.

In the past few years there Early Years Learning Framework has seen sustainability and the return to natural resources embedded in centre policies and practices.  Children are learning about their environment, how and why is important to care, protect and nurture it for future generations.  It has been great to see centres planting trees, creating creek beds for children to experience water play, making mud pies and also watching the natural surroundings attract local flora and fauna.

Recent studies have shown that children that spend time with pets have an increase in positive behaviour, taking the time to sit and stroke a rabbit or guinea pig has seen children calm themselves and be more open to new learning experiences.  Having centre pets also encourages responsibility in children and helps to build lifelong skills.

Early Childhood Education and Care educators provide learning experiences that are fun, messy, challenging and are long lasting.  Children teach the educators as much as the Educators teach the children the experiences in the centre are rewarding for all those involved.

The most successful Early Childhood Education and Care educators are those that take education seriously but have the freedom to get involved in the experiences they are providing for children.  They set the example by singing, dancing, playing games, painting or whatever interests the children have, maybe even creating a frog pond.

VFA Learning’s Early Childhood Education and Care courses are second to none. Ask us how we can help you on your way to such a rewarding career.