How To Become A Personal Trainer

How To Become A Personal Trainer


How to Become a Personal Trainer

Personal Training has grown into one of Australia’s leading career paths for almost all ages, which shows a couple of things.

  1. People want to stay fit;
  2. People want to help other achieve a healthy lifestyle

It’s a good time, too, considering obesity is an increasing concern throughout the country, and with more people making the switch to a career in Fitness, it can be difficult to know where to start, or what to do before you decide to take it on.

So, how can you become a personal trainer? We explore some of your opportunities below.

Who can be a Personal Trainer?

Anyone can be a Personal Trainer. All you need to do is competently complete a Certificate IV in Fitness, as well as the essential First Aid qualifications, which are just as important to have not just for training others, but for any emergency life situation in general.

However, it takes a certain person to be a Personal Trainer and to negate change in the growing unhealthy population we see in our communities today, so becoming a successful personal trainer takes a lot more than just attending the classes and earning the piece of paper.

Although this is the basic framework that will ensure employment, fitness courses at VFA Learning are taught by exercise professionals with an abundance of experience collectively in all facets of the Fitness industry.

What Can VFA Learning Offer You?

We believe in developing great personal trainers, the kind that have a special intrinsic motivation and believe in making our population healthier and stronger as they age and display the traits that will lead to permanent change of mindset in individuals about health and well-being.

Our courses offer a variety of experiences and teachings in various areas of health and fitness, including the following:

  • Foundations of exercise science
  • Program writing
  • The basics of nutrition
  • Caring for the body from the inside out

We allow and encourage our students to learn about themselves during their time in education with us, as communicators, as teachers, as learners, as role models. We teach and facilitate ways they can adjust their personas to get the very best out of their clients.

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You can use our Fitness Courses to start with, and then check out the courses from there. You can also get in touch with us here!