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Nia’s nursing dream is a step closer to reality

By April 6, 2022December 19th, 2022No Comments

Nia has dreamed of becoming a nurse since she was a child. After mindlessly scrolling on Instagram during the middle of the night, she saw an ad for VFA Learning, clicked on it, liked what she saw and at that moment, knew how she would make her dream come true.

There’s something to be said about nighttime when we have the space to let our minds wander. In those moments, we realise our true dreams and decide it’s time to take a step to bring them to reality.

Flexibility around family and work 
Nia said there were a few reasons that VFA was appealing to her.

“There were other places I could study locally, but VFA was more appealing. They offered flexibility which is really important as it allows me to work as well. That’s a bonus!”

The blended learning approach is a unique aspect of the Diploma of Nursing at VFA. It’s offered two days onsite, and the other two days can be completed during the week around work and family commitments. And the course is fast-tracked to be completed in 18 months, instead of other institutions which only offer it over two years. The advantage is graduates can start working and earning quicker.

Support at every step
The support offered to Nia was a critical factor in her learning success. After clicking on that Instagram ad, she was contacted by the Team.

“Just by the initial conversation over the phone, I could tell they would be there with me every step of the way – and they have been. The relationship you build with the teachers and instructors leans on a more personal level, which is great because it makes me want to learn more.”

Nia admits she has never been a big ‘book’ person but has always been a doer enjoying the more practical side of learning. Since starting the course, she has grown in her ability to learn and retain information. She can now ‘hit the books’ with confidence. For her, It’s a real sense of achievement.

Head of Nursing & Health at VFA, Louise Kemme, says she is proud of the nurse Nia is becoming.

“Nia is passionate about being a nurse. You can see that her ultimate goal is to become a good nurse who is doing the best for her patients. I think Nia’s patients will be very lucky to have her as a nurse.”

A dream into reality
Ultimately, Nia has plans to go back home to her hometown of Fiji to work and give back to the community. She often thinks about her family back home and has a goal to be part of contributing to building a better health system for the South Pacific country.

It’s also her personal story of loss and connection to Fiji motivating her to become a nurse.

“I’ve lost a lot of loved ones and because of the experience I’ve had with my family, the most important thing for me is making sure each family feels supported as well as the patient, of course. That’s something I hold close to my heart.”

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