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VFA Learning Geelong Nursing Students Act Quickly To Save Life

By September 14, 2020December 19th, 2022No Comments

In August 2020, VFA Learning nursing students put their skills and knowledge into action when they discovered a man lying in a Geelong street unconscious. Aaron James, Kyllie Hall, Elissa Holmes and Caitlin Thompson noticed that the man was not breathing and unable to find a pulse. They sprung into action; performing CPR and calling an ambulance. After several minutes the man regained consciousness and was moved into the recovery position. Soon after, the man again went into cardiac arrest. The students restarted CPR and he eventually regained consciousness.

The ambulance arrived and paramedics took over, stabilising the man. They commended the nursing students on their quick response and fast thinking under pressure, acknowledging that the students saved the man’s life and he would not have survived without them. These students supported each other through saving a man’s life, taking turns performing CPR, encouraging one another and relaying information to and from the emergency services.

Lara Jefferies – Head of Nursing, VFA Learning said, “VFA Learning Nursing Diploma teaches students essential nursing skills as well as invaluable skills about confidence, initiative and responsibilities. The students who helped this man really demonstrated the skills they’ve learned – they remained calm and took the lead in a stressful situation, allowing them to act accordingly and save a life”.

VFA Learning’s Nursing Diploma meets the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Enrolled Nurse Standards for Practice. With access to the newly fitted simulation centre (lab), tutorial rooms, a selection of small group learning spaces and a comprehensive computer laboratory, students are well resourced to undertake the course. VFA Learning believes that the foundations of an excellent education are based on knowledge, preparation and experience. With strong completion rates, the majority of graduates seek job or university placements after completing their course.

Aaron James, Kyllie Hall, Elissa Holmes and Caitlin Thompson. Photograph courtesy of VFA.

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