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Supporting students through virtual classrooms

By May 19, 2020December 19th, 2022No Comments

VFA Learning students are completing their studies via our virtual classroom setting through Zoom during the current lockdown phase. During this time, all of our classes are running online.

Despite not being able to physically attend the campus, our students are continuing to follow their structured timetable of classes. Each class runs live at scheduled times each week, and attendance is expected. Homework is being provided as normal.

Interactive learning and support

VFA Learning’s virtual classrooms are interactive, allowing students to ask their trainers questions and cooperate with one another. Our SWAP Learning approach (Student Wellbeing Assistance Program) is continuing to be implemented, meaning that students have access to time with their trainers via one-on-one video chats, have their progress monitored, and have access to professional counselling if needed.

The students’ virtual classroom learning also incorporates self-driven learning elements with tools to complete these tasks, and self-correction learning through online quizzes.

VFA Learning trainers are continuing to teach our students as effectively as possible through hands-on virtual classroom demonstrations. An example of this is nursing trainers using the on-campus simulation lab to demonstrate patient care techniques to students via Zoom.

Student feedback

Current VFA Learning students are enjoying their virtual classroom learning. In most cases, class attendance has increased, and mature-aged students are finding the system easy to access and are interacting well online.

Read some of our student testimonials below:

“I found the transition to online to be a bit tough at first, partially because I’d never used Zoom before. It was hard to get my head around learning a very hands-on course through video sessions, but now, five weeks in, I’m very much used to the format and I am getting a lot out of the online lessons.

“The biggest help for our class to keep our course as close to ‘normal’ has been our trainer Gerry. He treats our Zoom sessions the same as our face-to-face classes and encourages frequent questions as well as group discussions. I’ve had many questions over the last few weeks regarding assignments and interactive lesson content, and Gerry has always gotten back to me promptly. We’ve had one session with Emily and one with Paula, and they were both really helpful as well.

“The weekly drive from Warrnambool was my biggest challenge but learning online lets me study from home- getting up at 5 am isn’t an issue anymore! An issue with the current format is our lack of practical work yet we seem to be coping well enough without it for the time being. All in all, I’ve not had a problem transitioning to online and I’m feeling very supported by my trainers.”

  • Daniel Kingsley, Diploma of Remedial Massage

“Last week’s online class included research on the signs and symptoms of wound infection and the necessary education for the patient to be discharged safely, so we were able to create the responses quite quickly with the overlap of home study, online lab class with our instructor, and assessment tasks.

“The course format allows for overlapping learning and builds a platform for us to feel confident in the hospital setting by working to provide a cohesive response and contribution to patients.

“I feel confident to meet the next placement and tackle not just the tasks of wounds, which we had the opportunity to practically learn as part of our last placement learning, but also the total care of the patient with the critical thinking skills this course has sought to foster in us along the way.”

  • Jane Andrews, Diploma of Nursing

Mid-year intake for study commencing August 2020 

Currently, there is yet to be an announcement as to when classes may return to normal. However, new VFA Learning students will be well supported, gaining access to the technology and equipment they need to begin their studies mid-year, even if lockdown continues.

Our 2020 mid-year intake will include Nursing, Fitness and Massage only. We look forward to a new intake of Early Childhood Education students in 2021.

2020 and beyond

As restrictions continue to ease, we may introduce having students on-campus in small groups to take part in their hands-on learning activities. We will continue to share updates on this with students and parents. When social gathering government restrictions have completely lifted, on-campus learning will return to normal.

If you are interested in studying with VFA Learning or if you have any queries about our virtual classrooms, please contact us.