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From desk job to dream job: Hannah’s Story

By May 26, 2022December 19th, 2022No Comments

How the Certificate 4 in Fitness can help you achieve your goals

A career for life used to be the norm. You would pick a career path and stick with it until you retired. But, these days, career changes are far more common. And many people switch careers and bring their existing knowledge into a new profession – that’s what fitness student Hannah is doing!

For many school-leavers, deciding to study one thing can be tricky – how do you know if you have picked the right course if you are unsure in the first place? What if you don’t like it?

Switching to a career in fitness

Hannah was halfway through a Bachelor of Commerce when she realised it wasn’t for her. She had lots of hospitality experience, but progressing in that industry didn’t feel right either.

At the time, she was getting into training at the gym – going from exercising zero to five days a week. Hannah enjoyed every aspect of fitness, so she thought she’d give it a go and explore her options in the fitness industry, and that’s when she pivoted into a fitness course.

“I jumped online and Googled fitness courses, and the VFA course was the only in-person course that wasn’t in Melbourne or only offered online. Being quite a hands-on job, I wanted that hands-on experience you can’t get online.”

The benefit of hands-on learning

Hannah started the Certificate IV in Fitness in August 2021. Since then, her knowledge and passion have grown. She particularly enjoys the hands-on aspects and excursions in the course.

“My favourite things about the course are going off-campus on excursions and experiencing different industry elements in real-life settings. This helps you practice the skills you learn and discover what you want to do after you finish the course.”

The expert teaching staff have also helped build her confidence, so when she starts working as a personal trainer she will be able to deliver programs and handle personal training clients easily.

Other institutions give you just enough training to get a job, but VFA provides students with a comprehensive learning program to run a successful personal training business. The emphasis is all about learning through doing, and students spend plenty of time in the gym.

Getting started in a career in fitness

Hannah’s knowledge in the course has already helped her get a job before she has even finished studying. She is teaching group fitness classes at her gym but has grand plans to use the knowledge she gained studying commerce with her background in hospitality.

“My goal is to open a multi-disciplinary health hub combining personal training, group fitness, allied health and a café. Studying a VFA has opened the door to a brand new opportunity in the fitness industry.”

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